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Bokone Reticulation and Electrical Systems commonly known as BRES Power is a self-sufficient company, with a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles to accomodate projects of all sizes. This gives our Clients the advantage of having to communicate with only one company for their entire Electrical requirements. Some of the services we carry out include:

  • Electrical Installations of Industrial and domestic building contracts (ranging from small, medium and large.)
  • Access control and Security
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Substation construction
  • High and Low Voltage Power lines construction and Cable Reticulation
  • Pole Hole Drilling for overhead Line Reticulation
  • Street/Roadside Lighting


Latest Completed Projects

BRES is a registered BPC Contractor with 20+ years of service.

We have the expertise, labour and machinery to offer complete electrical solutions.

We are highly regarded for our competitive rates and commitment to clients satisfaction. We have superior work ethics and an outstanding service records with recommendations from both current and past clients.